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The most venomous / poisonous snake in the world

Oxyuranus Microlepidotus2 The inland taipan or fierce snake is not a well-known snake but has the most potent neurotoxin of all known snakes. It lives in the drier parts of southeast Australia, where it hides in holes. Click on pics to enlarge. With the venom in one bite might die 100 adults. Their venom kills an adult... Read more »

The satanic leaf-tailed gecko

gecko-cola-de-hoja3 This gecko is a master of camouflage. It is endemic to Madagascar, which means that only live there. Its tail resembles a dried leaf and its body too. It can even blur the contours of its body through a thorny and flexible tabs. Click on pics to enlarge. Their main predators are birds and snakes,... Read more »

Carnivorous plants, that is how they feed – Video

dionaea-muscipula-planta-carnivoraV The famous carnivorous plants are amazing plants that have evolved in nitrogen-poor soils, and have adapted to get it digesting insects and protozoa, hence its name. Click on pics to enlarge. They have developed many different techniques that combine to catch their prey, from odorous, sweet and sticky traps (first and third picture), slippery... Read more »

Homosexuality in Animal Kingdom – Documentary

homosexualidad-animales3v Homosexuality in the animal kingdom is documented for many years, as hidden. This issue, which should be normal, is raising controversy in many countries. This documentary talks about it by showing several examples. Click on pics to enlarge. They have documented over 1,500 animals with homosexual behaviors, such as worms, frogs, fish, birds, sheep,... Read more »

The kakapo, the only flightless parrot. There are only 131

kakapo This giant parrot that lives in New Zealand, is the only known parrot that is unable to fly. Lost its ability to fly having no natural predators, which changed when other predators were introduced by people and almost exterminated them. Click on pics to enlarge. To this day there are only 124, a very low... Read more »

The platypus, the mammal that lays eggs

ornitorrinco7 This curious mammal, Ornithorhynchus anatinus, who lives in the eastern part of Australia, is like the missing link that unites mammals, birds and reptiles. When was first saw by British naturalists, thought it was a fake. We believe there is a lot of features that makes it curious. Equidna is the other mammal that lay... Read more »

The 10 most poisonous and venomous animals in the world – Video

animales-mas-venenosos-del-mundov We talked about some of them on our spanish web, another ones where unknown for us. Amazing video that show us some of the most venomous and poisonous animals on the Earth.... Read more »

Friendship between 23 species, awesome – Video

amistad_animalesv This amazing video shows the ability of coexistence that other animal species has, as well as the desire to live and enjoy their lives in freedom, playing, and having a good time with their friends. For this and more deserve our utmost respect for their lives.... Read more »

Earth song according to NASA – Video

coro-cancion-planeta-tierra Earth sings a melody called “chorus”. It is an electromagnetic phenomenon created by the plasma wave radiation belts of Earth, and we can’t hear it, because are radio waves, but can be converted into sound waves with a receiver. Amazing. Here is the long version and the official source at NASA.... Read more »

The walking upright gorilla – Video

amabam-gorila-camina-erguido-humanov Ambam is a gorilla who, unfortunately, lives in a zoo for 14 years, although it has 21. He was captured in Africa. This specie of gorilla are endangered, there are only about 700. He has learned, following the footsteps of his father, stay and walk upright on their hind legs, like humans. This achieves... Read more »
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