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Nature Curiosities arises with the idea of publicizing and disseminating curiosities, interesting things and stories about other animals, plants, the environment and nature around us and we belong to. We must not forget that we are animals, belong to the sub-species Homo sapiens sapiens and we are part of nature, and, as much as to endeavor to find intelligent life on other planets, live and share the planet with millions of intelligent inhabitants, with natural (not talking about legacy) rights by the mere existence such as:
* Right to live their lifes in freedom.
* The right to be respected and not be damaged.
* The right to enjoy their lives.

They are not here to be used or viewed as resources, not to serve us. In addition, we don’t need to use other animals to live, eat, dress, have fun, solving human problems, etc. They are our equals and we should respect them.

So we want to spread these stories through pictures, videos and texts to reflect on the wonderful planet on which we live, and let’s not forget that we share with millions of other earthlings who deserve to be respected and care for and respect their home, our home, the Earth.

We firmly believe in veganism, as a logical consequence of the struggle for animal liberation and Earth, that includes us all. We advocate the antispeciesist struggle, against speciesism, which is the discrimination of an individual for the arbitrary fact of belonging to another species. We dream with the end of animal exploitation and Earth, the end of farms, slaughterhouses, animal circuses, zoos, animal testing and vivisection laboratories, animal shows, etc.

Our only belief is Freedom.

As a final note, we want to clarify that when we talk about animal liberation or animals, we consider human animals included.

We hope you enjoy the page.

Note: the photos, pictures and videos that we use on our site are taken from Internet search engines and belong to their authors.

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